Tubular Lighting Poles are extensively applied and installed in public areas for illuminating streets, stadiums, roads, bridges, and flyovers. These poles are known for their durability, robust construction, and extreme resistance to corrosion and other natural calamities.

At ‘ZIYA ENERGY’, we ensure that advanced machinery and materials of the finest quality are used to manufacture the Hot dip GI poles we are dealing with.

Pole Height and Design

Tubular Poles are usually 10-20 meters long. The base is circular in shape, while the body is cylindrical with a hollow inner space. As per the requirement of the client, necessary customizations can be done.

At ‘Subham Enterprise’, our offered products are available with different variants and customizations, so as to cater to the need of the industry.

Materials We Use

Our Hot dip Galvanized Tubular Poles are manufactured with materials of exclusive quality. These poles are long-lasting and extremely tolerant to adverse conditions. Being easy to install and with low maintenance cost, it is appreciated and accepted in the relevant sectors by architects and design professionals.

Excellence in product quality is what we call our benchmark, eventually being the reason behind a strong repute amidst a loyal patron base all over the country.

Our Team

At ZIYA ENERGY, we indeed are proud of our workforce which is extremely skilled and well-equipped to cater to the industry's needs. From manufacturing to installation, our team executes and makes sure each and every step is performed flawlessly.

Our Tubular Lighting Pole Features

  • Durability

  • Material of the Finest Quality

  • Extreme Resistance to corrosion

  • Tolerant to adverse weather conditions

  • Low Maintenance Charges

  • Easy To Install

  • Available in Multiple Variants, so as to cater to the needs of the industry.

  • Product Quality meeting International Standards.