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A high mast pole is a continuously taper polygonal cross-section that has one or more segments, used mainly to light over a large area. High mast lighting poles are used where today’s most busy highways merge or intersect with each other. Generally, these types of lighting poles are manufactured from steel, and the surface units are comprised (or galvanized) of die-cast aluminum or zinc.

The function of a high mast light pole is well qualified to account for the lighting load, tower weight, variable wind speeds, local soil conditions, and a host of other relevant variables that must be considered while designing. Most of the mounted sections have even numbers of lights in the ring, with uneven numbers of lights used in rarer instances.

Design of a High Mast Lighting Pole

A high mast lighting pole comes with self-lubricating winches driven by a single-speed convertible power tool in a self-reliant mechanism. It allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for lantern maintenance.


Generally, there are four different types of luminaires to provide overall flexibility of light distribution, including the cut-off options. The latched and lower system employs heavy-duty stainless steel cables in conjunction with the three perpetual action guide arms on the lowering ring. It allows all the maintenance to be carried out at ground level using a portable power tool connected to the supply. The extended remote control system allows the operator to stand up to 6 meters from the base of the column.

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Lifting System of a High Mast Pole

  • The latch barrel with the inner mounting bracket locker is mounted to an underside of the mast-top pulley assembly. All the steel cables are not exposed and are more effectively protected.

  • The latching mechanism latched on steering arms can release strain on steel cables when in the operation position. The process of fastening on and off is stable and without vibration.

  • The bumper is designed on the luminary mounting bracket for avoiding direct damage between the mast-top assembly and the raising luminary mounting bracket.

  • The leveling device for the luminary support bracket is easy to operate and convenient to adjust the level.

  • Particular designed red-flag indicator has apparent visual effects and reflects the actual situation of the latching operation.


ZIYA ENERGY is one of the trusted names to offer solutions in manufacturing high mast lighting poles throughout the country since 1998. We offer the best quality stainless steel lighting poles for transportation and lighting applications. We never compromised on our quality. We have acquired a wealth of experience in the structural, mechanical, and electrical aspects of high mast lighting pole designing, production, and maintenance. That's the reason we are considered one of the most trusted high mast pole manufacturers in the country.

High Mast Lighting Pole

Features of Our High Mast Light Poles

  • Precise light control
  • Choice of the light distribution

  • Upward light options

  • Versatile mounting array

  • Lower system

  • Safe rise

  • Remote control power tool

  • Fail-safe latching

Our Team of Expert High Mast Lighting Pole Manufacturers in India

We have a team of efficient high mast pole manufacturers in India who have expertise in installing and maintaining lighting poles. Our quality of services keeps fulfilled clients returning over and over to the team. With a deep knowledge of pole manufacture and installation, we are well-qualified to account for the lighting load, tower weight, and hosts for other relevant lighting pole installations. Contact the leading high mast lighting pole manufacturer in India to learn more about high mast light poles for area lighting applications. You can also send an inquiry to request additional information or a quote for your lighting installation needs.